What the heck was that!?

This year was a freaking disaster! The common question I keep hearing is, “did this year affect you or inconvenience you?” Well, uhh, EVERYONE was affected.

Whether it be health, mental health, finances, relationships, job security, and soooo much more… 2020 did a lot, to everyone.

Our 2020 in a nut shell:

In January, We celebrated 20s style & had the Great Gatsby party! I got tickets to the Ellen Show, for her birthday! It was amazing. We got tons of gifts, saw Justin Beiber, and got free Starbucks. It was the day after Kobe passed away & the episode that she did a video tribute to him- it was sad but we were happy to be there. Little did we know this was the first set of bad news/days we’d come to see in 2020.

In February, we drove up to Santa Monica and walked the pier, Scarlett stepped on the beach for the first time, and we had family time. We had mimosas at Nicky Rottens in sunny and beautiful Coronado (one of our favorite dog friendly restaurants). We also started planning for a cruise in the summer & NYC in the fall.

In March, my mother-in-law and I went to Disneyland, March 8th to be exact. The place was not busy… and for a Saturday, this was eerie but amazing because we got through the “Star Wars Galaxy Edge” & other attractions in just a few hours. We loved that day together. Little did we know that in 5 days, the world would change and life would feel like it literally just stopped.

March 13th. News articles, social media, text messages, and everyone was in the unknown. San Diego is shut down… What Does This Even Mean? Martial Law? How Do We Stay Healthy? For How Long? Will We Be Paid? What About Toilet Paper? (wtf) Are Liquor Stores Essential? Am I Essential? Can Dogs Get Sick!?!?! This is Insanity.

Okay, we had enough toilet paper and we had enough alcohol… but we seriously didn’t know what was to come. I think it’s safe to say that it.was.scary. People getting their guns ready, fighting in grocery stores, yelling at each other over a sneeze, the news was on every single minute of every single day. Board Games, Crazy Mixed Drinks, Video Games, Cleaning, Movies, Fun Recipes, TikTok, Drive-by Birthdays, and Zoom/Face Time Gatherings. I even started a mask business! What a world.

In April, Ernie & I had our 1 year anniversary. We couldn’t go anywhere and we had been home for a month already. Ernie turned on a ‘beach sunset’ on the tv, made me dinner, had some wine, started anniversary traditions, & we worked on our Lion King Puzzle.

In May, staying ‘in’ was just a lot. We got to the Boardwalk, Dog Beach, Golfing, Strawberry Picking, Some Family Time, My brother-in-law graduated college, and my mask business turned into matching dog accessories (BupBandanas).

In June & July, my sister graduated high school and had a drive-by grad party, We went to the Colorado River as a family, helped my in-laws start their outdoor renovations, and we celebrated PRIDE. Our new reality- no large gatherings, but try to live life & stay healthy..

In August, we both turned 24! Ernie had a Lakers: Kobe Year Birthday Party (yes, small gathering) and we went to Seaport Village for my birthday- fish bowls and saving birds- yikes! haha. My family also celebrated me with dinner & family time- a facial and Pala Pool! To our surprise, it was a social distanced pool and they had pretty good regulations in place. Lastly, we also went back to work.

In September & October, Scarlett turned O N E! & then Ernie went back on campus with no students, and I was on campus with all of our students. Getting back to work has been amazing. To think about how unsanitary we all were before this… blah! Wash your hands people! Haha, but kids are so icky, (I firmly believe that my immune system is strong due to working with these icky kids-lol! so thanks icky kids) but COVID has no boundaries, it will get anyone regardless of age, skin color, and social economical status. We attended the drive-thru ‘Nights of the Jack’ in Santa Monica for Halloween & stopped at Down Town Disney for some Desserts and Dinner.

In November & December, we went on a ‘nature’ road trip to Big Bear, Las Vegas, Zion, the Grand Canyon, and Mesa Arizona. The holidays were different. Is different bad, or good?? Thanksgiving was small, Celebrations were small, Christmas was small. As I sit here on December 31st, I have no regrets. This year was weird, it was different, we lost a lot- time, people, finances, but 2020 was good.

I choose, not to overlook the negatives, but to be thankful for the positives and what I learned from the negatives. 2020 showed me who is on my side. 2020 showed me what I do have– & what I don’t. 2020 made me drop the stress about ‘tomorrow’ and live in & for t o d a y. 2020 gave me much needed one-on-one intimate time with my husband & our puppy. We asked each other questions and talked about things in the world that we probably wouldn’t have done before. 2020 was a lot. This reading wasn’t to show off, or rub anything in anyones faces… this virus is not over. 2021 will be lived very similarly to 2020, but I am not dwelling on the past and the could have beens… The only option now, is to get going to wherever you are going- & if you don’t know the destination, thats O K A Y! Just start going and set small plans to continue moving forward.

I hope and pray that each of you get what you ask for, or find answers to what you’re in search of. Through highs and lows, find the positives and get through this.

I hope you have an amazing night and a fresh start to your 2021. Set some goals and don’t lose sight of what makes you happy, and what is healthy for you.

Happy New Year!!

Published by WorldReyes

I am a woman with a past but a very bright future. I call this mindfulmess because as mindful as I try to be, things can still get a little messy- and that is okay. My beliefs, be strong, love yourself, be kind, and travel often. Life is all about the moments you create.

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