Is this real life!? A baby!?

Holy crap! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, grab your seats and get prepared for the absolute best time of our lives!

A baby is coming!

Oct. 2021 (22nd to be exact, sorry Scarlett)

Okay, Ernie and I have been on quite a few adventures, but this one is our favorite!

Here is a little something on how this happened- no, not literally- gross.. haha!

My entire life, I had one goal before any other. No, not go to college. Not to finish school. Not to get a good job. Not to be financially stable… all of these are absolutely amazing and I am so blessed to have attained them all… but my one and only goal was “do not get pregnant-ever.” It’s hard, I can imagine, that it was very hard for my parents to be the shamed teens who had a baby out of wedlock and being so young…. but I’m truly curious, did anyone ever think about what it may feel like to be the shameful thing that came from it all??

Growing up, I had family and friends that were like my siblings but I also had family and friends who reminded me “what I was.” Whether it be mocking me, making fun of me, questioning me, etc. My main goal was do not let another child feel this way. Be better. Do better. So when Ernie and I got married and decided to start trying to conceive, I had to get through some real mental blocks. I had to go from “not okay” to “it is okay.” My poor husband is a huge blessing. He reminded me (still does) all the time that we have so much love to give some kids, and that we truly can do this. I KNOW this is true… but the mental blocks weren’t easy.

After 10 years of birth control, it was finally time… time to never be poked by a needle again!! Amazing! I am such a “planner” that I planned what month I’d stop, but I had no idea how 10 years of poison would affect my body. We tried for 7 months. These were pretty stressful months. (GUYS, STOP ASKING PEOPLE IF THEY ARE TRYING TO GET PREGNANT. CHANCES ARE THEY WON’T TELL YOU THE TRUTH… besides, are you going to jump in bed and help??? Didn’t think so..) People were constantly reminding us that we were failing, my body or Ernie’s was failing us to be exact. My periods were normal, ovulation should’ve been normal, I wouldn’t drink and I was trying to be pretty healthy, but nothing. Month 7- I said, “I am done ‘trying’ I am stressing myself out as if I don’t have enough stuff going on in my life- if it happens it happens.” Secretly, we all know that you can’t just stop hoping for something… but me and Ernie went out, had a fun time, went bar hopping, and just stopped stressing these matters. 2 weeks later, my glow app said “PERIOD DAY!” And I was like “woohoo” (not) BUT, it didn’t come… okay, could be normal… but then I was cramping.. and my boobs HURT.. and I was SOOOO bloated (5 months pregnant bloated)… I told Ernie there was no way and I wasn’t giving in. He said, “fine, we’ll give it one week and then we’ll test.” 5 days went by and we just couldn’t wait anymore. My best friend said if I was pregnant, she’d give up soda for my entire pregnancy (HA HAA SUCKER) So on a Monday night, I ran to the bathroom to pee, and immediately (there was no time) it said positive… I thought I was crazy.. NO WAY! I ran to grab 2 more tests and BAM, immediately. It was surreal. I wanted to get Ernie on camera (footage sucked but it’s there) so I had to compose myself and then shoot the video… we told some immediate family only- and here’s their reactions ❤️

Our Family Finds Out!

We are absolutely over the moon. This baby, is my true sunshine. Ernie, Scarlett, and I are so excited for this new adventure. Scarlett has no idea what’s coming, but we know she’ll be so excited when her best friend arrives. (They’re supposed to have the same birthday for crying out loud.) Follow our World Reyes Instagram page and our YouTube for fun updates. I truly plan on being as raw and honest as possible through all of this so I hope you all enjoy the wild ride!

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I am a woman with a past but a very bright future. I call this mindfulmess because as mindful as I try to be, things can still get a little messy- and that is okay. My beliefs, be strong, love yourself, be kind, and travel often. Life is all about the moments you create.

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