Why Mindfulmess?

So I made a blog, but why the title?

Let’s start by saying that MOST, not every, but most posts will be from Sandra. Ernie is an amazing husband and he’ll have his posts, but lets be serious- Sandra is the writer… & the talker for that matter.


Through my short time on earth, I have gone through many experiences and had many lessons learned. A true statement that I now live by is simply, “Say your truth, and be mindful.” – but holy crap that can be a little messy sometimes. mindful-mess, get it?

Anyways, I created this blog because one, I do like to write and relate to stories, lessons, experiences, etc. and two, why not put my stories, lessons, and experiences out there for you, in hopes that I can help someone- anyone– create ideas, feel better, relate, or anything else for that matter!

I am a go-getter and I work hard for the things I attain and achieve. Ernie is a dreamer, together- this works! I hope to be able to give some insights on our travels, my creativity, organization skills, relationship experience, puppy training, and crazy life!

Please follow us on Instagram & Facebook (@WorldReyes) for direct updates on new posts. Please feel free to message us with any direct questions etc. I look forward to where this may go… and if your computer screen or phone screen is as far as it goes, I hope you enjoy!

Love Always, Sandra, Ernie, & Scarlett Reyes

Grand Canyon in November 2020

I strongly dislike being pregnant.

Eeeeekkk! Why would you say that?

Well… because I don’t.

The last 6 months have been an absolute blessing. We found out we were pregnant in February and Elijah would be here in October.

I am now about 8 weeks away and I am READY.

No one tells you about the TRUE adventure of pregnancy. And they should- so start talking ladies!

If you don’t like “personal” things… stop reading now. Haha! Because here is the real content you love…

My back hurts, my feet ache, I’m hungry, I’m nauseous, I can’t breathe, I can’t freaking bend over, each boob is the size of the child inside me & things are looking crazy on this body! Lastly, I’m pretty sure there is a fish inside me.

Pregnant sciatica is a thing. It happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. I see a chiropractor and get massages- no help. Okay, probably a little bit… but there just isn’t much to it. I’ve heard it goes away after pregnancy so please pray for me! Ice, 10 minutes a day and some yoga in the AM, PM, or both!

Your feet swell. Order new shoes before it happens- because it will happen. I elevate them and soak them in hot water but sausage is the new style.

I am very hungry all the time and I can’t eat as much as I used to- hello, there’s no room. I have also been very cautious because I don’t want to gain a bunch of unnecessary weight. However, I get too hungry and then it becomes nausea, so there is a fine middle and it takes some adjusting time to figure it out.

Take the stairs. I literally can’t breathe sometimes and things like singing a few songs at the top of my lungs, hurts… but do it- safely. I have also refused to take the elevator, it’s the little things I suppose.

I used to think pregnant women exaggerated when bending over and I A M S O S O R R Y! Like, I’m squishing his head if I bend that way… so full sumo squat it is. And watch the knees because mama cannot pop lock and drop it anymore so good luck on the way up.

Boobs… I swear they get bigger every day but they have also changed in color & nipple size- WILD! There is also leakage… colostrum decides to ruin your jammies when ever it wants and there is nothing you can do about it.

I have been lucky thus far to not get too many stretch marks and my skin is very good at healing them after anyway- we’ll see what’s in store over the next few weeks… but my armpits are SO dark and it’s so strange. I’ve never had hair on my stomach and it’s probably looking like Elijahs head of hair at this point! And my vag is clearly getting ready for a 10 cm departure because it is just getting strange down there. Oh! And don’t let me forget the other leakage… it just happens, especially as I’m getting closer to my due date. A little scary at first because you wonder whether it’s your water slowly leaking etc. but, it is normal.

What does he feel like?? A fish.

I’ll get a foot, a hip, an elbow, and probably a head butt… it is painful when he barely fits in there! It’s stretching my skin every time he does it. I imagine the feeling when a fish is inside a small bag and your on your way home to put it in a tank… yeah.. lol! However, this means he’s okay.

This ALL means that he is okay in there, and that is the greatest blessing and biggest thing we can ask for. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be fun. And it is okay to feel any feelings that you’re feeling. YOU ARE NOT BEING JUDGED. Pregnancy is hard. When I truly began feeling this way, a little part of me felt guilty. I thought, ‘there are people who never get to feel this and I’m over here complaining…’ but my feelings are valid too. They are 2 completely separate things and I don’t have any less of a right to feel strongly about how I feel.

Do Ernie and I want more kids after this? Yes. Will it happen? I have no clue. If it does, will I enjoy it? Probably not, but at least I’ll know what to expect. We pray that Elijah arrives healthy & in one beautiful piece. I also pray that when it comes time for a second, everything works out as intended.

Lastly, I wish ALL the mamas out there healthy pregnancies, deliveries, and mental stability. I wish all the women who don’t experience this process and want to, positivity and miracles in other capacities. And to all the women who don’t choose to go through this process, I hear you, and respect you.

I support you all and I appreciate the support I have. ❤️

Are you having twins?

The ONE question that every pregnant person loves to hear! NOT!

Okay, let’s get real everyone. It is not something we want to hear, ever. It is no different than asking someone if they are pregnant just because they look pregnant-yeah oops.

I was 10 weeks and felt HUGE

My story: One of my first symptoms, besides Scarlett being very attached and needy, was being bloated. My entire life, I was able to push my belly out as far as I could and I’d look 6 months pregnant- it was a cool fun skill I had 😉 BUT my stomach naturally did this as soon as I became pregnant. How cute, she’s pregnant- OH MY GOSH, BUT SHE LOOKS TOO PREGNANT!

Listen, us mamas don’t get to control what our body is doing (I wish we did.) It is going through changes that we didn’t ever even imagine. And when I say that our body does what it wants when it wants, I mean it.

Your comment of “you’ve got to be more far along” or “is it twins?” or “is there more than one in there?” may seem like a small and even endearing comment, but it is not necessary.

No Betty, I am pretty sure I was ovulating on the days I was supposed to be, and I am pretty sure we did the deed on the day I remember. Thank you for your unsolicited comments but Betty, you can sit this one out.

My mental health takes precendents and is just as important as my physical health. The comments and rude conversations about what I do and do not eat only contribute to more pain and more mental drainage. The hormones, the anxiety, depression, and all around energy it takes to make this baby, is all so draining.

Before becoming pregnant I thought, it would be fun, my belly just grows, and the 9-10 months go by in a jiffy! Wrong! It has been fun because I am growing Elijah inside me and my husband and family are all thrilled for October to come. But let’s say, it has not been fun because every waking and sleeping minute, I am thinking: should he be moving, did I just hop a little too hoppy, ouch- that hurt my side- is that normal? is his brain developing normal? did all his fingers grow? Will he be okay!?!?!? Will I be okay!? My belly is growing, which means he is growing… but so are my boobs, so are the obnoxious pimples on my back (what is this crap), my butt and hips are growing, my hair is growing and looks awful, and my muscles- they just are not growing- lo! Also, these months are taking forever (even though I also think they are going by so fast) and I cannot wait to hold this little guy in my arms. However, this end result is very hard to always picture when you have all of the previous worries in your head too. -see, draining isn’t it? Also, telling a pregnant person, “don’t think like that, you just have to think positive,” is also very very bad advice and does not help.

I was getting this response a lot and one day I told someone what was going through my head before a doctors appointment and this mama responded with, “get used to it. it never goes away.” and this blunt and simple advice made me feel better and will stick with me forever. She didn’t just leave it at that, she did say that she always worried about that through all 4 pregnancies and just because they are outside of you, doesn’t mean it stops. She said, it actually gets worse because you can’t be with them 24/7 to make sure they are okay. And this was the most relieved I had felt in months. I didn’t feel alone or crazy, or like the negative nilly I was being made out to be.

9 weeks and my bump looked the same at 19 weeks!

It is crazy to me that the women who have been pregnant, are the very first ones to comment or are a big factor to these issues. Betty, we do not all have the same story/process and you may never know what mine is like just because you had 7 kids. Each child is different, even if the woman is the same! We are in different places of our lives, our bodies can handle different things, and our minds are in different spaces. It is not fair to make a mama feel bad when you could’ve easily helped them feel better about themselves.

So how? I’d say you can start with just asking about the baby moving or our registries, or what we’re most excited for. A good conversation topic is our husband feeling/hearing the baby or how the other kids have reacted to the new baby. Ask if mama has been feeling okay, and when she tells you that she hasn’t, just go with it! Let’s make a more conscientious decision to leave rude pregnant-shaming comments at the door.

Mindful Mama Boutique

Well hello there! I’ve been quite MIA, I suppose, so let me start with… I’m glad to be back!

Embracing my Mama Bump ❤️

Over the last few weeks, I have been adjusting. Adjusting to life; summer vacation, chores, always nesting (have been since week 7), home life, and the typical- what the heck is my body doing? Is my baby okay? Oh my gosh, I’m hungry. I’m too tired for today. So on and so on. And lastly… my own little boutique!?!

Where did I get this new idea?

It is no surprise to close family and friends. I am a do-er and I am a hustler if you will. However, this little side biz is coming from a special place in my heart!

I am over the moon excited and waiting for baby Elijah to be here. To start dressing him up and taking ALL the pictures of him. (Girl clothes are cuter but let’s not go down that road). I have been browsing Amazon, Etsy, and other pages, and I could not bring myself to buy some of these ADORABLE outfits etc. when I have the time to just make them myself.

It has also been a SUPER drag to find cute AND comfy maternity clothes. They are not easy to find in your average store and it costs an arm and a leg… thank the lord it’s summer time, because at this point, I’ll be sitting around the house naked… lol, just kidding. Kind of. But in all seriousness, I have now learned how to sew/make my own maternity shirts and leggings. The basics for sure, but nonetheless, I did it.

This all brought me to Mindful Mama Boutique. A small biz (with no overhead) where mamas can browse through what I offer but can also custom order items! I can create/customize cute and simple onesies, birth announcements, t-shirts, matching outfits, blankets, bibs, accessories, and more! I will also have items that don’t necessarily need customizing, they are JUST cute and must haves!

Scarlett already luffs Eli. Besties!

I am a lover of having all baby things simple and cute. Solid colors and cute writing. And I want mamas to be able to find themselves something nice too. This family loves sports, disney, and good music… so you’ll definitely see some of those cute items coming soon!

Please, please , give me feedback or ideas on what you want to see as a Mama, Nana, or Auntie! I want this to be your go-to spot when looking for something cute on a Saturday morning stroll.

Follow MindfulMessMama on Instagram. I have a “Boutique” highlight and all of those items are available to purchase now! (Or get yours customized that way). You can also DM me there for truly custom items.

I am so excited for this adventure and only hope that BIG things are coming. ❤️

Stroke Awareness Month

Know what to look for.

Do you know your numbers!?! I have to admit, I’m young so I never cared for paying attention to them. It was always just a quick part of my doctor appointments and that was it.

A great friend, and now cousin, lost her dad to a stroke which was a result of high blood pressure. This man was Ernie’s uncle and he is missed every single day in so many ways. This loss was a hard one that was felt by every single person that knew him but it has been a true eye opener. It was any other work day and that is not a call you expect. You don’t know how to handle that kind of tragedy- one that can be prevented by #KnowingYourNumbers. Your health is important.

Just because I have always had pretty great and healthy numbers (120/60 or less), does not mean I shouldn’t pay attention to them.

On the contrary, now that I am pregnant, this baby is doing wonders to my body- it is NOT just physical. I went to my last appointment and had just walked a bunch while wearing a mask… I was also very excited and talking to my nurse. When she took my blood pressure, it was through the roof! She told me to calm down, breathe, and she’d do it again. When she took it the second time, it was more normal but not what I’m used to. (116/69)

That was an eye opener for me… the last thing I need is preeclampsia etc. I have to walk. Do some yoga. Do anything! Because in an instance, everything can change. I am in no way shape or form a medical expert but it is so important to have some knowledge behind this, so please, do your homework, ask your doctor questions, and stay healthy!

Normal Blood Pressure:

Each time your heart beats, it pumps blood to the walls of the arteries.

Systolic: when it’s pumping blood (120)

Diastolic: the pause between a beat (80)

Normal BP is less than 120/80

High Blood Pressure Symptoms:

BP higher than 140 or 90

BP higher than 180 or 120 must seek medical attention immediately

Swelling in face and hands

Headaches that don’t go away

Vision problems/seeing blurry or spots

Pain in upper right abdomen

Trouble breathing

Things You Can Do:

Eat healthy

Less sodium

Regular exercise (just 30 min a day or 2.5 hours a week)

Limiting alcohol

Managing stress by having new and enjoyable outlets


When you have higher blood pressure, that means your heart is working harder to pump blood. After time, this can result in stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and kidney failure.

All it takes is knowledge & one step forward. Know your numbers and set goals to do something healthy in each day.

Lastly, talk. Talk to your loved ones and share the knowledge you have. Share your stories.

Know your numbers!

Is this real life!? A baby!?

Holy crap! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, grab your seats and get prepared for the absolute best time of our lives!

A baby is coming!

Oct. 2021 (22nd to be exact, sorry Scarlett)

Okay, Ernie and I have been on quite a few adventures, but this one is our favorite!

Here is a little something on how this happened- no, not literally- gross.. haha!

My entire life, I had one goal before any other. No, not go to college. Not to finish school. Not to get a good job. Not to be financially stable… all of these are absolutely amazing and I am so blessed to have attained them all… but my one and only goal was “do not get pregnant-ever.” It’s hard, I can imagine, that it was very hard for my parents to be the shamed teens who had a baby out of wedlock and being so young…. but I’m truly curious, did anyone ever think about what it may feel like to be the shameful thing that came from it all??

Growing up, I had family and friends that were like my siblings but I also had family and friends who reminded me “what I was.” Whether it be mocking me, making fun of me, questioning me, etc. My main goal was do not let another child feel this way. Be better. Do better. So when Ernie and I got married and decided to start trying to conceive, I had to get through some real mental blocks. I had to go from “not okay” to “it is okay.” My poor husband is a huge blessing. He reminded me (still does) all the time that we have so much love to give some kids, and that we truly can do this. I KNOW this is true… but the mental blocks weren’t easy.

After 10 years of birth control, it was finally time… time to never be poked by a needle again!! Amazing! I am such a “planner” that I planned what month I’d stop, but I had no idea how 10 years of poison would affect my body. We tried for 7 months. These were pretty stressful months. (GUYS, STOP ASKING PEOPLE IF THEY ARE TRYING TO GET PREGNANT. CHANCES ARE THEY WON’T TELL YOU THE TRUTH… besides, are you going to jump in bed and help??? Didn’t think so..) People were constantly reminding us that we were failing, my body or Ernie’s was failing us to be exact. My periods were normal, ovulation should’ve been normal, I wouldn’t drink and I was trying to be pretty healthy, but nothing. Month 7- I said, “I am done ‘trying’ I am stressing myself out as if I don’t have enough stuff going on in my life- if it happens it happens.” Secretly, we all know that you can’t just stop hoping for something… but me and Ernie went out, had a fun time, went bar hopping, and just stopped stressing these matters. 2 weeks later, my glow app said “PERIOD DAY!” And I was like “woohoo” (not) BUT, it didn’t come… okay, could be normal… but then I was cramping.. and my boobs HURT.. and I was SOOOO bloated (5 months pregnant bloated)… I told Ernie there was no way and I wasn’t giving in. He said, “fine, we’ll give it one week and then we’ll test.” 5 days went by and we just couldn’t wait anymore. My best friend said if I was pregnant, she’d give up soda for my entire pregnancy (HA HAA SUCKER) So on a Monday night, I ran to the bathroom to pee, and immediately (there was no time) it said positive… I thought I was crazy.. NO WAY! I ran to grab 2 more tests and BAM, immediately. It was surreal. I wanted to get Ernie on camera (footage sucked but it’s there) so I had to compose myself and then shoot the video… we told some immediate family only- and here’s their reactions ❤️

Our Family Finds Out!

We are absolutely over the moon. This baby, is my true sunshine. Ernie, Scarlett, and I are so excited for this new adventure. Scarlett has no idea what’s coming, but we know she’ll be so excited when her best friend arrives. (They’re supposed to have the same birthday for crying out loud.) Follow our World Reyes Instagram page and our YouTube for fun updates. I truly plan on being as raw and honest as possible through all of this so I hope you all enjoy the wild ride!